Wakeskate HECA Cyclone 40"

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HECA Wakeskate Cyclone 40"

Qualität und Know-How von HECA vereint im Cyclone Wakeskate 2023/2024.

  • Länge: 40" (101,60 cm)
  • Breite: 39,2 cm
  • Gewicht 4,7 kg
  • Urethan-Seitenwangen-Farbe: Gelb

SKATEBOARD FEEL – concave shape of the cores

COMPLETELY LAMINATED to ensure longevity and durability


WOOD CORES STRENGTHENED with the glass fiber

BOTTOMS COVERED WITH DURABLE GRINDBASE that makes the boards slide on obstacles incredibly smoothly

COMPOSED OF Wood/Fiberglass/Carbon Matt/Laminate/Poliethylene Grindbase/Double ABS on the sidewall

TOP CORE The main reinforced core of the board, made of plywood, for better flexibility and strength of the board when subjected to three-point bending

BOTTOM CORE Milled in high quality wood in line with the geometry of the surface of the bottom of the Top Core, for better stability of the board

V-SHAPED INSERTS Polyurethane epoxide inserts for two front lock-in fins and one back fin, not drilled; fins not included

THICK POLYURETHANE EPOXIDE ABS To protect the edges of the board from side impacts

GRIPTAPE Jessup Ultragrip with cyclone graphic print